First blog

What to write in your first blog? First ever blog that is! Ive been sat thinking about the style that i want to write this blog in; Casual in a talking to friends way? Professional? Brief and factual?…. I’ve regularly been criticised in my scientific writing that my writing is too informal and reads too closely to how i speak, i’ve decided to turn that around and channel that style into my blog. Having never written a blog before, bear with me. Practise makes perfect right?


Talking of my blog, why have i decided to blog? Well my ‘About’ section basically sums it up. I’m 25, on the home straight of a four year PhD and to be honest a little bit chubby. Now lets not be too dramatic here, im 5’5 and a size 10/12 (though currently leaning towards the 12 end of that scale). However, ive never been very happy with my shape. I feel like im broader than most, i carry weight on my back and hips and ive always been terrified of my neck and chin joining up! I have another year of PhD left and i’d like to finish not only feeling proud of my accomplishments in academia but also proud of my body. This blog is a way for me to commit to taking this plan from words into actions.


I never really expect this blog to be read but hopefully it helps me commit to my goals. Here’s to many more.


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